Torben K. Hansen

Torben in 2009

Torben started composing music on the C64 in 1988-89. He joined Vibrants in 1992 to help out on the Lollypop project. He later became known for his thoroughly ambient style, touching modern genres such as techno, trance, electronica and house.

Digital Music (1999-07)

Tunes encoded in digital formats such as MP3 or Ogg Vorbis. Some are remixed recordings of older tracker tunes while others are full MIDI recordings.

FastTracker 2 (1995-01)

All the tracker music Metal composed in FastTracker 2 is presented in just one page.

AdLib Music (1991-95)

Contains the AdLib music by most members of Vibrants composed in JCH's EdLib editor. Also includes three special tunes with a 10th digitized track.

C64 Music (1989-03)

All the C64 music composed in 1989-2003 by Metal. It includes music in Future Composer, Music Assembler and of course JCH's NewPlayer.

Old Tracker Music (198?-95)

A collection of modules composed in old music editors and trackers. In other words, everything that wasn't composed in FastTracker 2 can be found here.
How to Play

The boxes in the middle will lead you to the pages with all the music. If you have SidPlay installed on your computer, you can hear the music in the C64 pages right away. If you would rather want to download the SID music for offline pleasure, go to the High Voltage collection.

The AdLib music can be played with a Ganbatte! plug-in for Winamp or XMPlay. It also plays the three tunes that has a 10th digitized track. A few very old tunes are not supported by any known plug-in, but there are links to MP3 versions in this case.

In the page with the FastTracker 2 music, I strongly recommend that you use the XMPlay application. You can use Winamp or ModPlug Player if you want, but none of them will play
Click to get XMPlay
all the tunes correctly. XMPlay may also apply cool effects such as e.g. surround sound or reverb.